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In the modern fast-paced and globalized economy, emigrating to another country has become both easier and more complicated at the same time. Many countries offer incredible opportunities to optimize personal and business planning, particularly for wealthy individuals and families, along with business owners and investors that desire an international lifestyle.


This includes tax and estate planning, increasing international freedom of travel, and diversification of both economic and personal freedoms by acquiring multiple residences and citizenship status. Many countries around the world currently offer investors citizenship or permanent residence in return for economic investment, which usually entails a minimum financial contribution and compliance with residency/language requirements.
Many investors searching for permanent residence or citizenship will also be looking to invest in countries more substantially from a family, social and cultural perspective.
Most countries will be very selective of investors to which they grant citizenship or residence, and the decision to move to another country must not be taken lightly as there are many factors that will affect an individual and their family.
It is highly recommended to undertake a thorough analysis of the country that you may consider for your new primary or secondary residence. We understand that obtaining alternative citizenship is a significant, personal and complex decision, and our advisors can assist you in determining the advantages of different options and how they may best serve your needs.


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